Why RVs are a Great Solution for Temporary Housing After a Natural Disaster

When you have clients that have been displaced by a natural disaster, you want to find them safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodations as soon as possible. Luckily, RVs are a great way to allow your client to stay on their own property while their home is being repaired or rebuilt!

RVs are safer

After the trauma of surviving a natural disaster, people want to feel as close to home as possible. An RV rental like those from RV Housing Group is the ideal way to keep your clients where they want to be while also ensuring their safety. Our RVs are fully inspected prior to rental, which limits your liability as the insurance provider and also gives your clients much-needed peace of mind. (more…)

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What are the Different Types of RVs?

RV sales have skyrocketed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as families search for ways to vacation while respecting social distancing rules. What better way to quarantine at home than with a home on wheels? But, vacations aren’t the only thing RVs are good for! For years, insurance companies, government agencies, and disaster relief organizations have taken advantage of the many benefits of using RVs as temporary housing.

Choosing the correct RV for your clients’ unique situations can seem quite overwhelming due to the variety of options available. Newer models offer features you probably never even thought could be on an RV, like hot tubs or full internet connectivity! Regardless of if the client wants a no-frills pop-up camper or a luxury townhouse on wheels, there’s an RV for everyone these days. (more…)

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