Solving Temporary Housing Problems with RV Rentals

Available in Times of Need

During difficult times, it is crucial that basic resource access is restored quickly. Fast and secure sheltering options are some of the primary resources that people need. 

RV Housing Group partners with public agencies to meet the housing needs of citizens. When a disaster happens, hotel rooms and other types of housing are in very high demand. This leads to further housing scarcity.

Ensuring that people have access to shelter is crucial. Housing restoration is one of the key elements in effective disaster response.

Serving Communities

The team at RV Housing Group works hard to serve communities nationwide. In the wake of natural disasters, our placement team can meet the needs of displaced groups. 

Long-term RV rentals are an ideal way to meet the housing needs of affected communities quickly, efficiently, and safely. Our units can also serve as temporary workspaces for those who are tasked with overseeing disaster relief efforts.

Beyond sheltering displaced groups, our units can provide accommodations for emergency response personnel.

Cost-effective temporary housing can expedite the disaster relief process. This helps vulnerable communities to get back on their feet.