Construction Site Rentals Anywhere In The US

RV Rentals for Employees

Many construction workers travel significant distances to perform their work. Some construction projects involve long-term schedules and extensive hours. 

Oftentimes, employees will travel from site to site as they fit new jobs into their schedules. For this reason, RV Housing Group provides reliable and convenient RV unit rentals for construction sites. 


Rather than securing inconvenient and expensive hotel rooms, workers can reside in the comfort of a high-quality RV. If your company is planning an extensive job, requiring workers to stay close to the site for weeks or months, contact RV Housing Group.

Long-Term RV Rental Advantages

Unlike renting hotel rooms, RV rentals are very cost-effective for construction companies. RV Housing Group offers competitive prices and plans. 


When you contact RV Housing Group, our techs will place RV units to meet all the needs of your workers. Employees can have the privacy and security that they need without immense costs to you. 


Long-term RV rentals can expedite the construction process while providing your crew with comfort and convenience. 


Beyond affordability and proximity, RV rentals for construction sites offer the advantage of decreased liability. Housing employees close to the site decreases the chance that accidents will occur in transit. Your crew will not need to travel to and from off-site housing locations when you offer nearby RVs.

Contact RV Housing Group

No matter the construction site’s location or the size of your crew, RV Housing Group can help with housing. We offer nationwide delivery and a wide range of diverse options. 

We will work with your company’s placement coordinator to ensure that all of your employees’ needs are met. Do not pay for expensive or inconvenient off-site housing. Contact RV Housing Group to learn more.