Can Someone Put Temporary RV Housing on Their Own Property?

When people have to temporarily move out of their own homes due to disaster or renovations, they always want to minimize the amount of change they are experiencing. Living in a completely different location, such as a hotel, motel, or short-term rental, causes the person to have to change almost everything about how they live. From only having a small selection of their wardrobe available to having to take a completely different, and sometimes longer, commute to work, there is so much that must change to accommodate living in a new location, even for just a little while. Those changes aren’t just inconveniences either…when insurance is paying for the relocation, those changes in routine can actually increase the expense of the claim.

RV Housing Group has the Solution

So how does RV Housing Group fix this issue? We eliminate all that unnecessary change by allowing people to stay on their own property. How? Well, we deliver and set up our RVs using the existing utility hookups on their property. This way, they’re able to live and work in as similar a situation to what they are used to as possible. (more…)

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Why Insurance Companies Should Offer RV Housing After a Disaster

If your insurance clients experience a disaster that affects their insured property or assets, you’ve probably sprung into action to help in any way you can. Disasters are times when insurance agents and companies can really show their strengths, caring for their clients in more ways than just replacing their things. Thoughtful insurance companies realize that disasters affect much more than just the client’s material possessions, and keeping those clients as safe, comfortable, and stable as possible is essential to providing the type of customer service experience that we all strive to achieve.

So where do RVs fit into all this? RVs offer insurance companies a unique way to meet their client’s needs after disaster strikes. While many companies may just start piling clients into the closest motel or government-run shelter, we all know the issues with these housing arrangements. RVs are a better housing choice after a disaster because they provide: (more…)

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The Benefits of RV Housing for Construction Workers on Temp Assignments

Construction is always a hard job, but when it requires workers to be on the road, living in an unfamiliar place, it makes it even harder. Being away from friends and family, living out of a suitcase, and eating a fast food diet are just a few of the pitfalls of having to work away from home. However, you can bring a little positivity to the situation by making it as comfortable for the workers as possible. That’s where RV rentals come into the picture. RVs offer construction workers working on long-distance temporary assignments a little home away from home. In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of using rented RVs for these crews instead of traditional accommodations.


Construction crews working on temporary, remote assignments are typically housed in hotels, motels, or extended stay lodges. While it can be convenient to have daily housekeeping and a continental breakfast bar, let’s face it…these places are dangerous. Criminals and transients are known to frequent and stay at these places to avoid law enforcement and conduct illegal activity under the radar. The last thing you want is your workers getting caught up in a bad situation because the place they were lodged wasn’t safe. Instead, RV rentals allow you to set up the worker’s camp anywhere with the proper hookups. Many companies opt to set the RVs up on the actual job site, making the morning commute a breeze and giving them more control over comings and goings. (more…)

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Why RV Rentals for Disaster Relief

Disasters are truly difficult times, not just for the individuals, families, and businesses affected, but also for all the emergency and support personnel who respond to help. In times of heavy sorrow, sometimes people just need a place to get away for some peace of mind. During those times, that’s what RV Housing Group provides. In this post, we’ll discuss all the different ways RV rentals can be beneficial during disaster relief efforts.

RV Rentals for Victims

When a disaster destroys homes, the individuals and families there need somewhere to go. While some may be able to stay with family or friends, others will not have this luxury. Piling disaster victims into a community shelter together strips them of their privacy and dignity. The better choice is to place each family in their own rented RV, set up as temporary housing until their homes can be rebuilt, or other accommodations can be found. (more…)

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The Reasons RVs are a Better Solution than a Hotel After a Disaster

When disaster strikes, all of a sudden change and disruption to routine can be overwhelming. One of the first things that need to be sorted out is temporary housing for displaced individuals. While hotels, motels, and the like are the traditional choice for this need, we believe that RVs present a much better option.

RVs are a better solution than hotels after a disaster because they offer: (more…)

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Why RVs Convenient Solution for Families with Young Children After a Disaster

Natural or man-made disasters are always devastating, but they’re even worse when you have a family with young children. Children can be especially sensitive to sudden change, and having their safety and security ripped away so abruptly can cause serious emotional damage and lifelong problems. Minimizing the change after a disaster is ideal, and housing is a great place to start. Having a stable and secure roof over your head is important for anyone, but for families with young children, it gives a sense of relief and gratitude like no other.

Stability is Especially Important for Children

Young children need to have stability in their lives. This means having a safe place to live, good food to eat, and people who love them. When something happens and disrupts these things, it can be very hard for a child to cope. That’s why it is so important for insurance agencies, charitable organizations, rescue organizations, and government agencies to have a plan for what to do with families with young children if a disaster strikes. (more…)

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Your Guide to Temporary Housing During Construction

Building a new home is an exciting process, but it can also be quite inconvenient. From the moment you start planning until the day you move in, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account. One of those things is where you will live during construction, especially if you’ve already sold your existing home.

RVs Make Great Temporary Housing During Home Construction

Living in an RV can be a great way to have temporary housing during construction. It’s affordable, spacious, and can be fitted with all the amenities you need to make life comfortable. If you’re thinking of using an RV as your temporary home while your new home is being built, here are some things you need to know: (more…)

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How RVs Are Utilized in Natural Disasters

When disaster strikes, there are many elements that must be considered. Where to put displaced families until their homes are safe to enter again is a huge concern. If any homes are destroyed, those people will need refuge until they can find somewhere else to live. In large disasters with emergency personnel coming in from all over the country, local resources may not be enough or in usable condition. These emergency workers also need somewhere to go to plan, strategize, and rest. RVs are a beautiful option that works to meet so many different needs during a natural disaster situation.

Emergency Shelters

When a storm is headed their way, many people in coastal areas evacuate to temporary shelters. RVs can be used as emergency shelters during storms, providing a safe place for people to stay until the storm passes. To be as safe as possible, the RVs must be set up far from the projected storm area to avoid high winds, hail, or other dangers. (more…)

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Why RVs Are a Great Housing Solutions for Front Line Workers

Front line workers are the backbone of our nation. Without them, our citizens and visitors would be truly lost when a disaster strikes. We’ve seen again and again how our front-line workers take on the impossible with limited resources and a skeleton crew. Isn’t it time we started giving our front-line workers the tools they need to succeed?

Proper Rest is Crucial

Exhaustion is a serious issue for front-line workers. Even with the best of intentions, chronic fatigue and stress will wear anyone down. As the job of helping victims, wading through waist-deep water or dousing wildfires marches on, front line workers need even more rest and rejuvenation to continue operating at their fullest potential. (more…)

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How RVs Can Provide Relief During Catastrophes

Catastrophes happen all over the globe every single day. From hurricanes to earthquakes to wildfires, we can turn on the news and see a full range of natural disasters play out any day. But what happens to all those people who have lost their homes? Where do they go? With the nation already in a housing shortage, how can displaced families be sheltered affordably?

RVs are the Best Solution for Catastrophe Displacement Housing (more…)

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