Can Clients Stay Near Their Homes After a Disaster?

When disaster strikes, the mental and emotional strain on victims is often underestimated. Minimizing change and disruption of routines is critical for their mental health, protecting their livelihoods, and for the recovery of the community as a whole. One of the biggest causes of disruption for victims after a disaster is having to live in temporary housing while their homes are being repaired or replaced. While disaster relief organizations do their best to place victims in convenient locations, there have been times when disaster victims are relocated to completely different cities, states, or even countries. The mental and economic effects of a move like this after losing everything you own are staggering.

So how can disaster aid organizations, insurance companies, and government agencies mitigate this issue and place disaster victims as close as possible to their homes? By allowing them to stay on their own property or lot using RVs as an innovative temporary housing solution!

RVs offer Flexibility with Privacy and Convenience

There really is no comparison between RVs and other temporary housing options. While hotels, motels, and short-term housing are abundant, they come with some serious concerns. Adding significant distance from the victim’s work or school is probably the biggest issue, as this adds lots of extra travel expenses, extra time on their commutes, big changes to their schedules, and a ridiculous amount of stress. Lack of privacy, criminal activity, and lack of resources are also major complaints by people placed in these settings after a disaster.

Skip all that drama with an RV delivered and set up right on the victim’s own property. At RV Housing Group, we’ll help hook the RV up to existing electrical and water utilities and show the residents everything they need to know to make living in the RV a breeze. When their home is ready to move back in, we’ll come and pick the RV up. It’s that easy!

Rent RVs Nationwide from RV Housing Group

No matter where you are in the U.S., RV Housing Group has the RV options that your customers or program participants need after a disaster. Don’t spin your wheels (pun intended) trying to locate and reserve other temporary housing options that might require people to bounce from one place to the other. Our RVs are safe, reliable, private, and convenient…do your clients deserve any less? Call us at (800) 656-8706 or contact us online to get a quote today.