RV Maintenance: Why Is It Important?

If you’ve never lived in an RV, you might think that you don’t really need to do any maintenance to keep it functional. However, anyone who has lived in an RV knows this is a mistake. RVs, just like any other piece of equipment or structure, require regular maintenance to stay in the best shape possible. There are many working parts on an RV that needs a routine inspection, repair, and replacement. Not taking care of these tasks will lead to structural and functional faults in the RV, making it unsafe, uncomfortable, and eventually, unlivable.

So, how do you handle maintenance on an RV? Check out our RV maintenance checklists below to keep your RV running smoothly all year long:

Monthly RV Maintenance Tasks

Complete these tasks at least monthly. If any damage is noted, repair or replace the part immediately. Leaving damage for too long will inevitably lead to more serious problems down the road.

1. Fully inspect the exterior, including underneath.

2. Open and close all slide outs, hatches, awnings, doors, and windows. Lubricate and repair as needed.

3. Inspect and repair seals, including around doors, windows, skylights, plumbing, HVAC/heating units, and more.

4. Check your batteries and recharge/refill them as needed.

5, Check safety detectors for functionality, such as smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

6. Crank up the RV and any generators you have and let them run for 30 minutes or so. You may even want to consider taking the RV for a drive around the block.

7. Check fluid levels and add any if needed.

8. Check the tires and add air if needed (do this before driving the RV)

9. Check your emergency/first aid kit and restock as needed.

10. Use a vacuum and/or air compressor to clean out ducts and vents.

11. Wash the exterior.

Semi-Annual RV Maintenance Tasks

Complete these tasks at least every six months. Some people choose to take their RVs to a dealer to have these tasks completed.

1. Fully inspect the exterior and interior for any damage and repair immediately as needed.

2. Lubricate high-wear parts.

3. Check and replace filters.

4. Detail the interior.

5. Wash and wax the exterior.

Annual RV Maintenance Tasks

Complete these tasks at least once each year. We recommend having a reputable dealer handle most of these for you.

1. Inspect and clean the HVAC/heating systems.

2. Get a tune-up to include the engine, transmission, and brakes.

3. Change the wiper blades.

4. Rotate the tires.

5. Sanitize your fresh tank, if you use one.

Well-Maintained RVs, Ready for Nationwide Delivery to Your Site

Here at RV Housing Group, we keep our RVs in great shape by adhering to a strict preventative maintenance and repair procedure on all of our RV offerings. You’ll never have to wonder when the last time your rental RVs oil was changed or tires were balanced…you can rest easy knowing that we take pride in maintaining our RVs to the highest standards. If you need an RV rental for a temporary housing or worksite solution, call us at (800) 656-8706 or get a quote online today.