Will the RV be Ready to Operate When it Arrives?

RVs are an excellent option for temporary housing for your clients during repairs or renovations on their property. RVs allow your client to stay on their own property, near their assets and belongings, so they are as comfortable as possible.

But, many people have never stayed in an RV before, so they are apprehensive about the setup procedures. They may have heard stories from friends or seen scenes in comedy movies which left them with the impression that setting up and operating an RV is difficult and messy. But, when you use RV Housing Group for your short or long-term temporary RV rentals, nothing could be further from the truth.

We handle the RV setup

Here’s how it works: when we receive a request for an RV for any reason, whether it be from a construction company needing temporary worksite shelter or an insurance company needing housing for a town affected by a natural disaster, the first thing we do is place a call to the company making the request. We want to make sure we have every detail we need to find an RV solution that is perfect for their needs. 

During this contact, we go over everything that needs to be in place on the property before the RV arrives. Once we receive confirmation that the property is ready, we deliver the RV right to the client’s location, anywhere in the country! Not only do we deliver, but we also set the RV up completely. While we’re there, we go over every aspect of the RVs care and operation with the present responsible party and make sure we have answered any questions they may have. If questions come up after we leave, we’re always just a phone call away.

Superior customer service

We would never just drop an RV off at a client’s location without making sure they are 100% comfortable with the setup and operation. We pride ourselves on taking the extra step to educate clients about the RV, so their experience in it is a positive one.

If you’re ready to find out why RVs are the best solution for your temporary housing needs, call us at 1-800-656-8706 or request a quote online. We have a variety of RV sizes and layouts available, including RVs with special accommodations for the disabled or elderly. Don’t let your clients or employees suffer in an uncomfortable hotel room when they could be enjoying the privacy and functionality of their own temporary RV rental. We doffero both short-term and long-term rentals, along with occasional RV sales for clients who loved their unit so much, they just couldn’t live without it!