Why RVs Are a Great Housing Solutions for Front Line Workers

Front line workers are the backbone of our nation. Without them, our citizens and visitors would be truly lost when a disaster strikes. We’ve seen again and again how our front-line workers take on the impossible with limited resources and a skeleton crew. Isn’t it time we started giving our front-line workers the tools they need to succeed?

Proper Rest is Crucial

Exhaustion is a serious issue for front-line workers. Even with the best of intentions, chronic fatigue and stress will wear anyone down. As the job of helping victims, wading through waist-deep water or dousing wildfires marches on, front line workers need even more rest and rejuvenation to continue operating at their fullest potential. (more…)

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How RVs Can Provide Relief During Catastrophes

Catastrophes happen all over the globe every single day. From hurricanes to earthquakes to wildfires, we can turn on the news and see a full range of natural disasters play out any day. But what happens to all those people who have lost their homes? Where do they go? With the nation already in a housing shortage, how can displaced families be sheltered affordably?

RVs are the Best Solution for Catastrophe Displacement Housing (more…)

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Benefits of Temporary RV Housing After a Disaster

Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster is never easy. From FEMA to local governments to insurance companies, there are many different agencies and companies that come together to try to help victims displaced by natural and manmade disasters. One of the most pressing needs these victims have is the need for temporary housing.

RVs are a great temporary housing solution for individuals and families affected by the disaster. RVs can offer benefits that are unparalleled by other temporary housing options, including: (more…)

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Situations When RVs Make a Great Temporary Housing Solution

When you need temporary housing solutions for your clients, you’ll quickly find that the market is small and often quite expensive. That’s why RVs are a great option for any situation where temporary housing is needed. RVs are affordable, reliable, and offer privacy that other temporary housing options can’t match.

We often provide RVs as temporary housing for:

Insurance Claims

If you have clients you serve with home insurance, it’s not uncommon to need temporary housing for clients and their families if extensive repairs need to be done on the insured property. Housing these families in hotels or short-term rentals is expensive and inconvenient. Even simple things, like their daily commutes to work and school, will be disrupted.  (more…)

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Why RV Temporary Housing is a Great Solution for Families

Let’s face it. Staying at a motel, hotel, or even a short-term rental can be a nightmare for families. They are noisy, lack privacy, and can be downright dangerous. Not to mention how expensive they are! 

RVs as a temporary housing solution is a much more sensible option for families of all sizes because:

RVs are Safer

It’s not unusual to hear about crime happening at most temporary housing facilities. Hotels, motels, Craigslist rentals, and Airbnbthey’re in the news constantly for reports of assaults, privacy violations, robberies, and more. (more…)

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Benefits of RV Temporary Housing

If you need temporary housing for your clients or employees, the number of options available to you might be overwhelming. From hotels to motels to short-term rentals, there are many inconvenient, expensive, and potentially dangerous options available. That’s definitely not where you want to put your clients, employees, or their families!

RVs are the Best Temporary Housing Solution

At RV Housing Group, we have the solution for your temporary housing needsclean, functional, and conveniently located RVs. We will work with you to determine the number and size of RVs that you need, deliver them right to your client’s property or your worksite, and set them up with existing electrical and plumbing hookups. This reduces the inconvenience your client experience, lessens your workers’ commutes, and keeps everyone safe with security and privacy that other temporary housing options lack. (more…)

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What is the Best Size RV Rental for a Family for 4?

The RV has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 1910 at Madison Square Garden. Back then, the RV wasn’t much more than a bed, toilet, and sink on wheels. Today, RVs can be just as spacious and comfortable as a house!

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, from compact hybrids to luxurious Class A motorhomes and everything in between. So, it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions we get about our RVs is about finding the right size.

Sleeping Space

The first thing we consider when determining the correct RV size for a family is sleeping space. If there’s not enough space for the whole family to sleep, then they’re going to have a pretty miserable experience. This is why we always want to know how many people will be staying in each RV.  (more…)

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Why You Should Use RV Housing Group For Temporary Home Solution?

If you need to temporarily house your clients or employees, regardless of the reason, you want to give them the most comfortable and safest option possible that is within budget. If you use hotels or short-term rentals for your temporary housing needs, you’ll often find yourself sacrificing safety and comfort due to price constraints. Not so with temporary RV rentals from RV Housing Group!

Our RV rentals are the best option for all of your temporary housing needs. With RV Housing Group, you’ll never have to put a family in a sketchy Airbnb or leave your employees in a musty motel. Instead, families can stay right on their own property until their permanent housing is repaired and employees can have their own dedicated space while staying right on the job site. Everyone will be happier and your company will love the increased affordability — it’s a win-win! (more…)

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How Does the Cost of a Temporary RV Rental Compare to a Hotel or Motel?

We can go on for days about the benefits of using rental RVs for your temporary housing and worksite needs, but at the end of the day, it mainly comes down to the cost. But, we’re not just talking about the financial expenses while those dollars are definitely important, any shrewd business owner knows that there are other costs involved in each and every decision they make. When dealing with clients, sometimes the cost of severing a good working relationship far outweighs the financial expense of a transaction.

Our Rates Are Comparable to Hotels and Motels

We keep up with industry trends and price our rentals comparably to national hotels and motels. Depending on the location where the RV rental is needed, rates may even be lower per day than local hotels and motels! Each location and scenario is different, so call us at (800) 656-8706 for a consultation and quote on your project’s needs. (more…)

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Can RV Units be Connected to Sewage Holding Tanks?

If you’re planning to use temporary RVs to house your clients during an insurance claim repair, to give your employees a place to meet and relax on a worksite, or to house refugees while navigating the immigration system, you know that they’ll have a lot of questions. In anticipation of those questions, we’d like to cover one of the most common things we get about our temporary housing RV units: “are they compatible with sewage and septic tanks?”

No one wants to think about where our waste goes, but when you’re hooking up an RV at a new site, it’s very important to make sure those sewage lines are correctly installed. While our RVs come with all of the required water and sewage tanks already on board, long-term users may want a larger solution. (more…)

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