Why RVs Are a Great Housing Solutions for Front Line Workers

Front line workers are the backbone of our nation. Without them, our citizens and visitors would be truly lost when a disaster strikes. We’ve seen again and again how our front-line workers take on the impossible with limited resources and a skeleton crew. Isn’t it time we started giving our front-line workers the tools they need to succeed?

Proper Rest is Crucial

Exhaustion is a serious issue for front-line workers. Even with the best of intentions, chronic fatigue and stress will wear anyone down. As the job of helping victims, wading through waist-deep water or dousing wildfires marches on, front line workers need even more rest and rejuvenation to continue operating at their fullest potential.

But rest is hard to come by out there on the front lines. Often, there is simply no suitable or safe building where front-line workers can retreat for some much-needed sleep. While many groups set up emergency tents at disaster sites, this is also unsuitable for truly rejuvenating rest. Without this essential rest, front line workers may experience:

Light sensitivity


Cognitive problems

Sleep disturbances

Swollen lymph nodes

Muscle and joint pain

These are just a small sample of the many symptoms that chronic fatigue can cause. It’s understandable why many front-line workers get burned out after just one mission.

RVs are the Perfect Place to Rest

RVs fix all the problems front-line workers have with not getting enough sleep. RVs can be set up almost anywhere and moved at the drop of a hat if needed. RVs offer privacy that you’ll never get on a cot in an emergency tent. Most importantly, RVs will allow front-line workers to get ample, therapeutic sleep to recharge for the next day’s work. This makes them more alert, better prepared, and safer as they continue their mission to help those in need.

RV Rentals Delivered Right to the Disaster Site

What’s even easier than having a high-quality, affordable, and private RV for front-line workers to use during disaster relief? Having that RV delivered and set upright on-site by one of the professionals here at RV Housing Group! Your aid workers have enough to deal with already, the last thing they have time for is finding suitable RVs, picking them up, and setting them up on site. At RV Housing Group, we handle all of that for you by delivering your chosen RVs directly to where you need them, setting them up with existing utility lines, and answering any questions you or your team may have along the way. When you’re ready to give your front-line workers the lifeline they need to do their jobs to their best ability, contact RV Housing Group to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives about your group’s needs.