The Reasons RVs are a Better Solution than a Hotel After a Disaster

When disaster strikes, all of a sudden change and disruption to routine can be overwhelming. One of the first things that need to be sorted out is temporary housing for displaced individuals. While hotels, motels, and the like are the traditional choice for this need, we believe that RVs present a much better option.

RVs are a better solution than hotels after a disaster because they offer:


It’s almost always preferable to keep people on their own property, if possible, and RVs allow you to do just that. We’ll deliver the RV directly to the occupant’s property, assuming it is safe, and hook it up to existing electricity and water if available. Being in a familiar area can make a world of difference for families putting the pieces back together after a disaster.


In a hotel, any time you’re not inside your room, you’re likely to be around many other people. Common areas can be crowded and finding a quiet place to read, study, or nap outside your room might be impossible. RVs allow occupants to have much more privacy from other displaced families than the hotel setting. Dedicated space can be found both inside and outside the RV, giving a more home-like feeling than a hotel.


In some situations, temporary housing may need to be moved due to safety reasons. If families are staying in hotel rooms, that means packing everything back up and moving to a completely different place. RVs, on the other hand, can be easily moved when needed.


It’s no secret that hotel rooms are expensive. RVs offer a much more affordable solution for housing individuals and families displaced after a disaster, especially if they are needed for an extended amount of time.

RV Temporary Housing Solutions from RV Housing Group

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