Why RV Temporary Housing is a Great Solution for Families

Let’s face it. Staying at a motel, hotel, or even a short-term rental can be a nightmare for families. They are noisy, lack privacy, and can be downright dangerous. Not to mention how expensive they are! 

RVs as a temporary housing solution is a much more sensible option for families of all sizes because:

RVs are Safer

It’s not unusual to hear about crime happening at most temporary housing facilities. Hotels, motels, Craigslist rentals, and Airbnbthey’re in the news constantly for reports of assaults, privacy violations, robberies, and more.

At RV Housing Group, we deliver and set up our RV units right on the family’s property (when possible). Families will feel safer being closer to their own homes, being familiar with the property, and also being able to monitor what’s going on at their home until construction work or repairs are underway.

RVs are More Convenient

Being on their own property in one of our RV units isn’t just safer, it is also much more convenient. Instead of living out of a suitcase in a cramped hotel room, your clients and their families can enjoy easy access to all their belongings. This also eliminates any costly changes to the family’s daily routine and work/school commute.

RVs Offer Privacy

When staying in most temporary housing options, like hotels or short-term rentals, we all worry a little about someone violating our privacy. Hidden cameras are found in these places frequently, not to mention worrying about employees or landlords having access to your private information or personal belongings while you’re away. RVs offer privacy and security that the other temporary housing options just can’t match! Your clients and their family members won’t ever have to worry about someone coming into their room and invading their privacy with one of our RV units.

RVs Allow Everyone to Stay Together (or Separate!)

Most hotels and motels accommodate just 4-6 people, so if your client has an extra-large family and everyone wants to stay together, things can get difficult. Short-term rentals to house a family of 6+ cost a ridiculous amount per night. With RV Housing Group, we offer RVs large enough to comfortably house even the largest families.

We can also accommodate families that want to stay on the same property, but not necessarily in the same RV. We commonly see this in families with teenagers, who aren’t keen to live for weeks or months in the same unit with their parents. By offering RVs as a temporary housing unit for your clients, you’re allowing them to live comfortably and close, yet still on their own terms.

RV Housing Group is the Perfect Solution for Families

Contact us at 1-800-656-8706 to discuss your temporary housing needs for your clients, including families of all sizes. We will work with you to determine the appropriate type and size of RVs, deliver them directly to your client’s property, and set them up with existing electrical and plumbing services. We look forward to showing you how our RV units can save you money while keeping your clients comfortable and satisfied.