Why Insurance Companies Should Offer RV Housing After a Disaster

If your insurance clients experience a disaster that affects their insured property or assets, you’ve probably sprung into action to help in any way you can. Disasters are times when insurance agents and companies can really show their strengths, caring for their clients in more ways than just replacing their things. Thoughtful insurance companies realize that disasters affect much more than just the client’s material possessions, and keeping those clients as safe, comfortable, and stable as possible is essential to providing the type of customer service experience that we all strive to achieve.

So where do RVs fit into all this? RVs offer insurance companies a unique way to meet their client’s needs after disaster strikes. While many companies may just start piling clients into the closest motel or government-run shelter, we all know the issues with these housing arrangements. RVs are a better housing choice after a disaster because they provide:


Hotels, motels, motor lodges, and especially disaster shelters all come with some serious safety issues. We’ve all heard horror stories after major disasters about people temporarily residing in these locations being victims of crime or other injustices. No insurance agent wants to subject their clients to these situations, and RVs provide a great solution. Our RVs can be set up anywhere, including the client’s own property. By avoiding the communal living situation, all the issues that come with that also go away. If staying on the client’s own property isn’t an option, we can deliver and set up the RVs in any safe location your company desires. You have so much more control when you use our RVs as your client’s temporary housing solution.


No one can deny that being able to stay alone or with your family in an all-inclusive RV is much better than sharing part of your living spaces with strangers in motels or shelters. Even in the best of hotels, you’re only a few inches of the wall away from the strangers next door. You can hear everything they do…and they can hear you and your family as well. This is at best awkward and at worst incredibly disturbing. People often feel that they’ve been stripped of their privacy in these living situations, so instead, offer them their very own RV where they can live without intrusion until repairs on their property can be made. They’ll be so much more comfortable staying on their own land if possible, with access to their belongings there and minimal change in their work and school routines. Comfortable clients are happy clients, and RVs give you the chance to show your clients that their comfort and privacy are your priority.


Finally, we can’t overlook the affordability of using RVs as temporary housing versus traditional options. Hotels, motels, and other temporary housing are expensive. When you need to house dozens or more people with constantly changing hotel and short-term housing availability, that expense becomes astronomical. Government shelters are low-cost, but also short-lived. After a few weeks, they are gone, leaving you scrambling to find other options, which may not be available since every insurance company in the area is likely also looking for options for their clients. The options that are left will likely be the most expensive ones, further ballooning your budget.

RVs are the cost-effective answer to all these problems. Simply set up the RV on the client’s own property, so they don’t have to live out of a suitcase, jumping from room to room. You’ll never have to worry about the RV not being available for a weekend because someone else reserved it first, and you’ll keep other reimbursements down since there will be minimal change to your client’s travel routines and schedules. With costs down across the board, you can continue providing high-quality, affordable service for your clients while also minding your bottom line. What’s not to love?

RV Rentals Available for Your Clients Nationwide

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